Skeeter Davis Alert™: More bad stuff for 2011!

Sunday, 31 July 2011
Publication: Sun
Date: 8 August 2011

The Sun has given us more bad things that will happen this year and credited some of their "most reliable" psychics. Of course they use everyone's favorite vague French 16th Century poet and prophet, Michel de Nostradamus, but also Black Elk, John the Baptist and Mother Teresa, a line-up they have used before.

No, Nikki, Psychic to the Stars, sad to say.

The stuff that is supposed happen: Al Qaeda nukes, a White House scandal and a Medicare meltdown.

As long as the Tea Party has its way, the third thing is an option. The second could also take place. The first one... not really believable.

We'll see. And I promise to report back on 1/1/2012.

I've been confused about using Mother Teresa as a prophet. Teresa of Avila, sure, but Teresa of Calcutta? Well, her organization disavows this stuff and wishes people would stop. Not that their wishes carry any weight with a two-bit rag like the Sun.


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